New Team Members Bring Public Safety Service and NG9-1-1 Expertise to DATAMARK

DATAMARK is committed to the public safety community and this is reflected in our efforts to recruit team members with a depth and breadth of public safety experience. After all, for our team to work closely with our customers, a hands-on knowledge of the high-stakes first responder environment is essential whether it’s from fire, police, emergency response, PSAP communications or public safety operations. Trust, understanding and integrity in our shared mission is the core of DATAMARK’s success.

As the public safety community moves toward NG9-1-1 adoption and a higher level of GIS data requirements, our entire team will work with customers and apply its deep understanding of and experience with GIS and the local addressing workflow to support current 9-1-1 systems and transitions to NG9-1-1. Our experience and technology are unmatched in the industry. For decades, we’ve performed projects for local and national municipalities, created solutions for complex government addressing projects, and worked closely with telecommunications companies.

Meet our new Public Safety Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Critical to understanding and supporting the needs of our customers, the SMEs are charged with successful project implementations for clients, leveraging expertise in the DATAMARK product suite, public safety agency operations, and understanding GIS data needs for public safety systems.

Representing, fire, police, and emergency management, multiple decades of public safety experience, and a multitude of certifications (ENP, FEMA) and affiliations (NENA, APCO, NFPA), we are very excited to welcome the following SMEs to the DATAMARK team.

Lisa Caldwell – Caldwell’s public safety career spans more than three decades, and she provides expertise managing mission-critical elements of emergency management and public safety planning, procurement and implementation. Her professional experience includes executive, mid-level and frontline leadership of consolidated and co-located PSAPs, E9-1-1/NG9-1-1 system project management, strategic planning and implementation. Caldwell is the Strategic Planning Sub-Committee Chair to the Washington State 9-1-1 Advisory Board, a logistics team member of the Southeast Washington Incident Management Team, and a former first responder.

Christopher Reynolds – Reynolds is an established leader with over 20 years of experience in public safety, emergency management and fire operations with a strong focus on building strategic relationships and accomplishing organizational goals. As the Chief Fire Safety Officer at Loyola University, he was responsible for the creation of a mobile Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the development of the University’s Comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan to support the over 5800 students and employees on campus. As Operations Supervisor at Lifestar Response of Maryland, he managed budget and scheduling for 350 field employees and more than 50 BLA/ALS/Critical Care/ Specialty ambulances. For over two decades, Reynolds has been a committed local fire company volunteer in roles from EMT/Firefighter to Lieutenant, providing emergency response and fire protection to multiple communities. An active member of NFPA and IAEM professional associations, he has an Emergency Management Professional diploma from Emergency Management Institute and is a certified Fire Investigator.

Robert Murphy – Murphy is an Emergency Number Professional (ENP), a graduate of the NENA Center Manager Certification Program (CMCP). His professional experience includes executive, mid-level and frontline leadership of consolidated and co-located PSAPs, E9-1-1/NG9-1-1 system project management, strategic planning, design, implementation, process analysis, training program management and quality assurance in accredited centers of excellence. Murphy is a member of the APCO Agency Training Program Certification Committee and the NENA PSAP Daily Operations Work Group. He is also a Florida TERT Region 1 Coordinator, nationally certified Fire Officer, EMT and nationally certified Fire Instructor.

Daniel Brown – Brown has more than 13 years of public safety experience spanning emergency communications, law enforcement, and emergency management. He has served in both civilian and sworn capacities at all levels of government and demonstrates a remarkable level of knowledge and experience in public safety project management and industry best practices. Brown’s contributions provide not only first-hand knowledge of public safety but also add value in other areas, such as technical solution planning and operational assessment.

/ March 6, 2019

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