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DATAMARK®, the public safety geographic information systems (GIS) business of Michael Baker International, is the authority on GIS data for public safety. Its data-forward, full-service but configurable solutions provide the highest levels of public safety GIS data completeness and accuracy needed to support the requirements for any NG9-1-1 system.

Michael Baker has longstanding expertise in providing quality GIS services which are mission critical to call routing, dispatch and response.


DATAMARK VEP  is the only SaaS application built specifically with Public Safety and GIS data maintenance for NG9-1-1 in mind. The platform maintains data quality control metrics to support NG9-1-1 ESInet services and quality control requirements for PSAP systems (CAD, CAD Mapping, AVL, and other business systems), which is critical now that there is only one source of location data used in call routing and dispatch workflows. The application integrates location data validation functionality and advanced editing capabilities into a platform that is accessed anywhere with an internet connection.


DATAMARK®’s (SaaS) Solutions

DATAMARK VEP (Validate – Edit – Provision) is a full-service software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for end-to-end GIS data aggregation, preparation and maintenance for NG9-1-1. Your agency can use DATAMARK VEP to conduct GIS data aggregation and reconciliation for not only your own GIS datasets, but also among your neighboring jurisdictions to ensure your jurisdictional boundaries are seamless. Further, DATAMARK VEP allows for the reconciliation of NG9-1-1 GIS data with legacy 9-1-1 databases and related GIS datasets.

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IN THE NEWS / 18 June 2018

The Call, the official publication of NENA: the 9-1-1 association

DATAMARK Public Safety GIS Expert at Michael Baker International, Jeff Ledbetter, GISP, PMP, and Beth Christenson, Quality Assurance Lead for Michael Baker International, contributed to the latest issue of The Call, the official publication of NENA: the 9-1-1 association. Check out their article “Better Addressing for 9-1-1” here:

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NEWS RELEASE / 12 June 2018

Michael Baker International Revolutionizes Next-Generation 9-1-1 Transition with New DATAMARK® VEP GIS Solution and Services

Breakthrough SaaS-based solution, DATAMARK® VEP, provides highest levels of public safety GIS services provider readiness for NG9-1-1 in nation’s 
5,000 PSAPs

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Technical Services

A primary challenge of NG9-1-1 readiness, regardless of the accuracy or completeness of GIS data, is establishing the appropriate relationships, policies and governance. While not a technical issue, the process requires experts who understand both business processes and their implications on the technical aspects of NG9-1-1. The DATAMARK team’s depth of expertise in 9-1-1 communications and public safety technology will help guide you through NG9-1-1 strategic planning, policy development, and governance coordination.

DATAMARK’s expert GIS analysts and subject-matter experts will work with your team to expand its capabilities and accomplish its goals. Tasks may include the compiling of a master address database from multiple sources, conducting a validation analysis of the data, and providing results for review and approval. Other activities include performing GIS comparisons to determine gaps, evaluating anomalies and determining errors in the data, and providing results for review and approval by a jurisdictional administrator. We can also work with your key stakeholders in developing PSAP and emergency service boundaries.




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