Better Data For Improved Public Safety Operations

GIS Preparation & Planning

Whether you're looking to prepare NG9-1-1 grade GIS data, or simply trying to achieve higher levels of GIS accuracy for routing, DATAMARK's services are equipped to help you meet your goals.

What We Do

DATAMARK’s skilled project managers and GIS Data Analysts work with your team to provide key insights, create, and cleanse your GIS data.
Accurate and Complete Data

Our services are designed to assess the current state of your GIS data and provide next steps for further improvement.

Easy to work with

DATAMARK’s team of experts deliver projects within consistent timeframes and consider client needs at every step.


Our services are designed to provide clients with data that exceeds NG9-1-1 standards.

Strategic Planning

Our team evaluates your current public safety, addressing, and GIS data environment, enabling us to deliver future state recommendations and create an implementation plan for developing reliable GIS workflows, addressing and data.

Address Comparison and Evaluation (ACE)

Identifies address candidates that a client may consider adding to their master database. Through the ACE process, data is normalized and parsed to ensure adequate and consistent comparisons between the master and supplementary address sources.

Additional GIS Services

  • Address Point Database Development

    Address Point Database Development

    APDD utilizes a combination of ACE and data creation best practices to build out a robust comprehensive master address dataset that becomes an authoritative layer for clients

  • Data Creation

    Data Creation

    Our team works with clients to design the schema and create content for NG9-1-1 data layers. This comprehensive process is designed to create authoritative GIS layers.

  • Data Remediation

    Data Remediation

    This process involves detecting and correcting discrepancies within the data to enhance completeness, accuracy and quality. The focus of data remediation is to standardize and adjust public safety GIS data to fit the purpose of use.

  • Boundary Facilitation

    Boundary Facilitation

    Designed to incorporate stakeholders from neighboring jurisdictions to discuss the current state of their GIS boundaries. Includes a kickoff meeting, boundary workshops, documentation of boundary resolution approach and summary report.

“The DATAMARK team’s cross-disciplinary expertise in public safety and GIS, as well as the work they have been conducting in support of California’s NG9-1-1 Initiative, makes them a true partner and leader in NG9-1-1 innovation.”

Gene Barrera, Merced County CA