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Our suite of products and services are designed to support the entire GIS life cycle, from data creation to updates and maintenance.

Designed to meet the unique needs of our clients

The DATAMARK team is dedicated to putting customers first. Our configurable software and service solutions put power back into the hands of clients by enabling tailored implementation models to meet their goals.

Core Competencies

  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning

    Trying to tackle NG9-1-1 readiness but don’t know where to start? The first step is to define goals and develop a plan of action for achieving them. Our team has assisted dozens of clients in accomplishing this heavy lift by assessing current workflows and developing custom implementation plans to meet client needs.

  • GIS Data preparation for NG9-1-1

    GIS Data preparation for NG9-1-1

    Access the highest available levels of GIS data accuracy and completeness for your organization. DATAMARK’s suite of services are designed to assist clients with data creation, validation and clarification in alignment with NENA standards.

  • GIS Validation, Maintenance & Updates

    GIS Validation, Maintenance & Updates

    Already have NG9-1-1-ready GIS data? Great. Our cloud-native software-as-a-service solution, DATAMARK VEP is purpose-built to assist public safety organizations with maintaining, validating, and updating GIS data in alignment with NENA standards and industry best practices. VEP enables multi-jurisdictional collaboration so that neighboring communities, regions and states can validate data along boundaries.

  • Addressing Solutions

    Addressing Solutions

    Simplify the process for creating new addresses for your jurisdiction, and create organizational efficiencies with CloudAssign, a cloud-native software-as-a-service solution for creating highly accurate address data. Multiply the workforce by enabling GIS and non-GIS users to create new addresses more quickly than traditional addressing workflows.

  • Indoor Mapping For Public Safety

    Indoor Mapping For Public Safety

    Re-imagine incident response from the inside out. DATAMARK’s indoor mapping services and solutions enable users to leverage indoor facility data for enhanced location intelligence, locating indoor incidents with precision, and to create a common operating for public safety, school and facility management stakeholders.

  • Data Hosting

    Data Hosting

    Securely access your public safety data in real time from anywhere in the world. Our data hosting solutions enable users the flexibility to store and scale their data without additional hardware or software required.

GIS Services

Access the highest available levels of GIS data accuracy and completeness through DATAMARK’s service offerings. Services are executed in alignment with NENA Next Generation 9-1-1 data standards and best practices and are a critical component on the journey to NG 9-1-1.

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DATAMARK VEP is the only cloud-native solution built for public safety GIS. Our software solution provides a highly configurable, user-friendly interface to perform location data validations, make edits, and implement quality control in alignment with NENA NG9-1-1 data standards and best practices.
Reduce gaps and overlaps

VEP facilitates the alignment of NG9-1-1 data along the borders of neighboring jurisdictions to remove gaps and overlaps.

Collaborate across jurisdictions

VEP supports data from local and regional GIS data providers and neighboring 9-1-1 authorities.

Access from anywhere you are connected

As a cloud-native solution, DATAMARK VEP can be accessed from any secure browser connection.


Simplify the process of creating new addresses and amplify address accuracy for local governments.

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Take life-saving geospatial information beyond the front door and enable virtual situational awareness across organizations.

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MSAG Generator

Create a GIS-based Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) using road centerline data.

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