Honoring Our DATAMARK Staff and Those Currently Serving in the PSAP – Part II

January 16, 2023

In Part I of this blog, we shared the tales of DATAMARK teammates who served on the front lines of Public Safety as the first-first responders. Now, we share the stories of our expert GIS and Project teams, who each have a unique perspective on how they fell into the Public Safety Profession, and why they find it so rewarding.

Monica Balestreri, GISP

My name is Monica Balestreri and I’ve been fortunate to work in the Public Safety Industry since 2010. I started my career with the City of St. Charles, MO Police Department as a Crime Analyst. Along with my crime analyst responsibilities, I was also tasked with maintaining the GIS Data for CAD. It was during this time that I found my love of both Public Safety and GIS! Supporting the Dispatchers and Police Officers at the Police Department was a truly rewarding experience. Years later, I received the opportunity to work for St. Charles County Emergency Communications as their GIS Analyst. In that position, I supported Fire and EMS personnel by creating and maintaining GIS data for CAD, Mobile Units, and Data Collection apps. It was interesting and fun to learn the similarities and differences between the Police and Fire/EMS GIS needs. I loved working in local government knowing I was making a difference in my community.

In my current position at DATAMARK as a Senior Public Safety GIS Analyst, I am able to utilize my strong background in supporting the GIS needs of PSAP operations to support our clients on data needs and priorities on technical support matters. #ISUPPORT911

Jennifer Dvorsky, GISP

My name is Jen Dvorsky and I grew up with a father who was a volunteer firefighter for 38 years. Growing up, our family dinners, holidays and even church attendances were disrupted by his responsibility to help people in need. He taught me the value of helping others when they need it most.

I fell into my position as a GIS Analyst for a 9-1-1 Authority years ago. As soon as I started it felt like home. I wanted to use my GIS skillset to follow in my fathers’ footsteps and contribute to society in the best way I could – by helping people on their worst day. I’m honored to have worked in the public safety world for the last 7 years and hope to continue for many more. #ISUPPORT911

Michael P. Anderson, PMP, GISP

My name is Mike Anderson and the fire department has always been a part of my life. My father and uncle were fire fighters and even at an early age, I would work with them and other department members at fund raisers to keep the volunteer organization going. At 14, I joined as a junior fire fighter and learned the basics. Shortly thereafter, I joined as a senior fire fighter where my skills were advanced and was also elected and served as department trustee on the administrative side. I’ve had a lifelong passion to serve the community that I live in and my fellow fire fighters are like family.

Starting in 2004 while working at Michael Baker International (MBI) as a GIS Project Manager, I had the opportunity to be part of many 9-1-1 GIS projects which coupled my first responder activities with my professional work environment. My passion for serving our communities has continued to this day, as well as my involvement in managing 9-1-1 GIS projects for Michael Baker’s DATAMARK team. #ISUPPORT911

Beth Christenson

My name is Beth Christenson and I’ve worked my entire career in public safety GIS from emergency management, crime analysis and PSAP data management. During my time within a PSAP I had the privilege of watching the telecommunicators day-in and day-out serve the community through the good, the bad and the ugly. From walking a citizen through delivering a stranger’s baby to keeping all first responders alert during a major house fire, they have a pulse on the entire city.

I had a supervisor tell me that the PSAP is the heartbeat of the City, it is the pulse, the lifeline that keeps the City interconnected and moving. Without these brave first responders, there’d be no one to help citizens during some of the direst times in their lives. You are frequently overlooked but are vital to public safety. I am in awe at what these first responders can do and their dedication to their community. I, in no way, can do what you do and supporting you through GIS is my contribution to your success. So, to the telecommunicators, these brave first responders, I say THANK YOU.


On behalf of the DATAMARK team, thank you for the long hours, sleepless nights, and calming voices you carry to support all of us in our most trying hours.

By: Stephanie McCowat

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