Transition to Next Generation 9-1-1

Our trusted GIS experts and public safety professionals are here to support you every step of the way.

Supporting the entire NG9-1-1 lifecycle

What stage are you in on the journey to Next Generation 9-1-1? Whether you’ve just begun gathering requirements or are ready for a large-scale deployment, our expert team is equipped to provide invaluable support to your organization. DATAMARK specializes in the following areas:
Public Safety GIS Education

DATAMARK’s educational services provide support on NG9-1-1 concepts and initiatives through webinars, in-person training, and more.

GIS Services

Ensure that your GIS data is in alignment with NENA standards and industry best practices by leveraging DATAMARK’s GIS services.

Ongoing updates and maintenance

Create, update and maintain NG9-1-1-ready GIS data in the cloud while enabling cross-jurisdictional, regional and statewide collaboration through DATAMARK VEP.

Providing Unparalleled Support To Our Clients

DATAMARK consists of former 9-1-1 Directors, Dispatchers, Public Safety Subject Matter Experts, and GIS Professionals. We are passionate about partnering with our community to help save seconds when they matter most. Every client receives dedicated support from the client success team, ensuring smooth project delivery and providing customers with a clear path forward.

Meet The Experts
I first met DATAMARK at an NG9-1-1 educational workshop and conversations continued from there about how Merced County can be proactive about implementing GIS data for NG9-1-1. The DATAMARK team’s cross-disciplinary expertise in public safety and GIS, as well as the work they have been conducting in support of California’s NG9-1-1 initiative, makes them a true partner and leader in GIS innovation.
Gene Barrera_Merced Quote

Gene Barrera, GIS Manager, Merced County

As a small rural county, we don’t have the time or staff for labor-intensive processes like driving the entire county to tag addresses that were missing for whatever reason in our dataset. We needed a public safety and GIS expert to come in and quickly help us meet the fairly strict GIS data standards for Next-Gen 9-1-1. From applying for a state grant to training the staff, DATAMARK provided Washington County with alternative and cost-effective methods to collect and validate missing address data and get it into a software solution that benefits the entire county.”
Washington County FL

Clint Erickson, Washington County Board of County Commissioners, E911 Mapping and Addressing and E911 Coordinator

Ensure your GIS data goes beyond 98% accuracy and completeness
GIS Basics for the public safety professional
GIS data preparation for Next Generation 9-1-1

State of Alabama

Over the past 50 years, we have witnessed 911 technologies grow and evolve from basic 911 to enhanced 9-1-1 ultimately to Next Generation 9-1-1. The state of AL is again leading the way by converting the entire state 911 system to NG9-1-1. Join us as we discover the GIS tools and technologies the state of Alabama is using to help implement NG9-1-1.

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County of Merced

In 2018, the county of Merced, CA procured the services of DATAMARK to assist with the creation of a NG9-1-1 GIS Strategic Plan. Read this case study to understand the key benefits and positive impacts of strategic planning for NG9-1-1 GIS.

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