Ongoing GIS data management

Cloud-based software to aggregate and reconcile individual GIS datasets, ensuring seamless jurisdictional boundaries.

Collaborate With Neighboring Jurisdictions

Next Generation 9-1-1 requires multi-jurisdictional public safety grade GIS data. Our software solution, DATAMARK VEP, facilitates collaboration among neighboring jurisdictions to cross-validate data along the boundaries, effectively removing gaps and overlaps to create seamless data.


The only cloud-native solution purpose-built for public safety GIS. DATAMARK VEP provides a highly configurable, user-friendly interface to perform location data validations, make edits, and implement quality control in alignment with NENA NG9-1-1 data standards and best practices.

Subscription levels designed to meet unique client needs

To address the broad range of requirements for local, regional, and state GIS stakeholders, DATAMARK VEP is offered in three subscription models. Each subscription can be securely accessed from anywhere and do not require additional licenses or hardware.

Validate and aggregate GIS, MSAG and ALI data in alignment with industry best practices. Identify spatial anomalies and discrepancies within datasets and run quality control checks on demand.


Create, maintain, update, validate and export GIS data. Users with editor subscriptions can validate addresses from the field and set jurisdictional boundaries through geofencing.


Leverage features within validator and editor subscriptions. Consolidate GIS data from multiple jurisdictions into a single database and perform cross-jurisdictional validations.


Define individual responsibility for geographic areas within VEP to local stakeholders. Coordinate efforts on larger GIS databases such as county, regional, and state projects.

Put the power of VEP in your pocket with VEP Verify

Users with an Editor subscription can leverage the smartphone application for GIS data validation on-the-go.

MSAG Generator

The VEP MSAG Generator is a tool used to create a GIS-based MSAG using road centerline data. This new feature is designed to create NG9-1-1-ready MSAG data and alleviate the pain points that most PSAPs face while updating their datasets.