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DATAMARK Announces Partnership with Critical Response Group (CRG) to Provide Intelligent Indoor Mapping Solutions to the Public Safety Community

November 29, 2021

Partnership combines on-site data verification with the intelligence of DATAMARK’s GIS  portfolio of products

Santa Ana, Calif. (DATE) – DATAMARK, the public safety geographic information systems (GIS) team of Michael Baker International, announced today its partnership with Critical Response Group (CRG), a company providing best-in-class indoor and tactical mapping solutions with the public safety responder in mind. This partnership will provide first responders with accurate, verified indoor location data by combining on-site data verification with the intelligence of DATAMARK’s GIS industry-leading portfolio of products.

“As the public safety industry relies on accurate location information, the need for effective indoor mapping solutions has become ever more present. After looking at existing indoor mapping solutions, we recognized that most offerings for public safety do not meet the needs of first responders. Most indoor maps are created from blueprints and are outdated, not labeled to reflect changes to building interiors and cannot support modern public safety nomenclature,” said John Joseph, Director of Strategic Partnerships at DATAMARK. “Our partnership with CRG combines DATAMARK’s principals of education, advocacy and innovation with CRG’s real-world verification process to provide first responders with accurate, intelligent indoor mapping solutions.”

With this partnership, DATAMARK and CRG are bringing best-in-class indoor mapping solutions to numerous clients across the United States.

“We wanted to partner with DATAMARK because our values are in alignment,” added Mike Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer of CRG. “Both teams aim to provide our first responders with precise, verified mapping data throughout the entire incident response journey.”

DATAMARK is the go-to authority on GIS data for public safety, supporting addressing authorities, PSAPs and GIS analysts in the successful transition to NG9-1-1. Its data-forward, purpose-built and configurable solutions provide the highest levels of public safety GIS data completeness and accuracy needed to support the requirements for any NG9-1-1 system.  DATAMARK VEP (Validate – Edit – Provision) is notably the only cloud-native solution built for public safety GIS.

About Critical Response Group

United States Military Special Operations Force (USSOF) faced the challenge of operating and communicating about unfamiliar locations with diverse groups and nationalities while under stress during counter-terrorism missions. To solve that problem, USSOF developed a visual communication tool, called a Gridded Reference Graphic (GRG), that combined a grid overlay with high-resolution overhead imagery so mission participants could communicate from a site-specific common operating picture. The principles of a GRG were expanded and pivoted for domestic use as a Collaborative Response Graphic®, or CRG. CRGs are built for schools, places of worship, hospitals, airports, government buildings, prisons, parks, corporate facilities, theme parks, and other critical infrastructure, and are used for reunification efforts, and pre-planned or emerging events. Critical Response Group’s team is a mix of decorated and combat-tested USSOF officers and senior public safety executives committed to providing non-theoretical perspectives and emergency response solutions that increase situational awareness. To learn more, visit www.crgplans.com/ or https://youtu.be/10aghbY3AKI.

By: Stephanie McCowat

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