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Addresses That Deliver

April 24, 2022

Most of us know what an address is: it represents our home, our favorite restaurant, our children’s schools. For government, addresses are assigned names and numbers that denote a specific, unique location. Yet, for being such a simple concept, addressing requires time, organization, and effort. To maximize efficiencies, governments need an address data management system.

“Oh, buddy, I already know,” some of us bemoan, aware of the lengths we go through sometimes to create a single address. Or, on the other end, you’re wishing for a system to help with your addressing needs knowing that YOU are the current addressing system.

No matter where your agency sits on the address management spectrum, the needs are the same – ease and efficiency. Getting there poses some questions to ask ourselves.

  • How can I create a highly accurate database that acts as a central repository, allowing my entire organization to work from the same set of address data?
  • As counties and cities build and expand, how do I keep up with the rapidly growing demands of the builders and citizens?
  • How can I leverage other members of my organization to assist with these processes without risking inconsistencies in the data?

Addressing requirements won’t become easier, but the process to create them can with DATAMARK’s latest solution: CloudAssign.

CloudAssign is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-native addressing solution for agencies that assign and manage address data and the road centerlines that support them.

DATAMARK developed CloudAssign after reflecting on four years of conversations during our addressing webinars, conferences, and workshops. CloudAssign was built to tackle addressing issues such as “we have no addressing standards for our county” and “hundreds of new developments” by enhancing and streamlining the address assignment and management process.

With a few simple steps you can create an address, validate it to ensure consistent accuracy, notify stakeholders of updates, and download reports from your database. Entirely accessible through any secure web browser.

CloudAssign’s accessible, user-friendly interface and simplified workflow make it ideal as a “workforce multiplier” for both addressing departments with dedicated GIS support and those without GIS professionals. Leverage non-GIS staff to enter addresses into a standardized database. A click of the validation button will review an address for accuracy before it’s forwarded to the appointed administrator for review and approval.

Once a new address is approved, CloudAssign creates email and printed notices to communicate updates. And voilà! The new address is in the system and this lifecycle is wrapped up neatly with a bow. All the presents with no surprises!

Addresses are not random; they represent a planned, government system that provides unique pinpoint locations where specific landmarks are located. Why should creating an address database be a cumbersome process that a GIS specialist handholds every step of the way? Why should address creation be a specialized or unwieldy task at all? CloudAssign keeps workflows simple, accessible, and efficient without contributing to the workload of addressing authorities.