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DATAMARK: Ruining New Year Resolutions

December 7, 2021

New Year, Same You
As we enter 2022, we want to talk about New Year Resolutions. DATAMARK has new releases coming in Q1 2022 and while we mean well, we may ruin yours.

Between a new addressing tool, mobile app, and VEP updates, we’ll have to ask for an early pardon from you and your team.

I’m Going to Work Harder
DATAMARK CloudAssign: Cloud-Native Addressing Solution
CloudAssign will be released soon to streamline processes for local addressing authorities to create addresses and edit road centerlines into simple and intuitive steps. Our new cloud-native addressing solution is easily deployed and is designed for anyone to learn its tools and begin using them right away.

When we say “anyone,” we mean it. CloudAssign’s simplified workflows enable GIS personnel and other staff to complete addressing requests and maintain GIS data accuracy. Front desk clerks and assistants can use CloudAssign to make updates to the data.

Distributing work across your organization makes inputting data easier, and CloudAssign provides additional automations that make it easier to perform follow-up work. After users complete an addressing request, CloudAssign creates documents used to communicate newly assigned addresses which can be shared via email or sent in hardcopy format.

CloudAssign may not tackle your resolution to work harder but, when it releases in late Q1 2022, it will become instrumental to performing addressing tasks more efficiently and more effectively.

I’m Going to Spend Less Time on My Phone
DATAMARK VEP Verify: Our New Mobile App
We’re constantly on the go in modern times, but you no longer have to leave DATAMARK VEP behind when you head into the field to verify or edit your GIS data. VEP Verify is a mobile application that empowers you to edit available location data, create observations, and submit edit sessions remotely from supported smartphones and tablets. VEP Verify streamlines the workflows and tools needed in the field and puts the power of VEP in your pocket.

VEP Verify declutters the pile of equipment that is traditionally needed to conduct field verification of location data and perform edits on your data. With VEP Verify, field work no longer requires you to pack laptops, mobile hotspots, note taking tools, or even a dedicated GPS device. Instead, VEP Verify leverages modern mobile GPS technologies to deliver pinpoint accuracy for your edits and observations. Nothing extra to spend; nothing extra to lose.

VEP Verify is going to break that resolution to spend less time on the phone, but it’s going to transform how you interact with your GIS data from the field starting in January 2022.

I’m Going to Talk Less, and Listen More
Our Quarterly DATAMARK VEP Update
DATAMARK’s first 2022 quarterly update to VEP will include enhancements that pushes the VEP’s capabilities even further. Once again, many of these improvements are directly driven by ongoing conversations and feedback from our clients. We offer our thanks to everyone who has freely shared their thoughts about improvements to our products.

Apologies to the Chatty Cathies and Babbling Bobs resolving to talk less in 2022. We absolutely love hearing from you and we ask you to continue reaching out to us with whatever is on your mind. Continuous feedback and input from our clients enable us to remain committed to delivering industry-leading software solutions and GIS data management services.

As always, let us know what you think about the next round of enhancements, updates, and features once it releases at the end of Q1 2022.

These Half-Jokes Aside…
A new year means new opportunities, and these are just a few ways we’re ringing in 2022. Keep your eyes on our social media (we ask forgiveness from those who were wanting to cut down on social media time… we TOTALLY get that!) for upcoming products, updates, and events from DATAMARK.

We hope you have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season and wish you the very best luck in setting your resolutions for 2022. Make it a good year; we look forward to being with you every step of the way.