Reimagine Indoor Maps


A cloud-native application allowing users to create, interact with and manage valuable indoor data for use in dispatch centers, emergency response and facility management.

Map Your World From The INSIDE Out

INSIDE has the power to create safer spaces and peace of mind for building occupants by integrating precise indoor data with tools to facilitate effective exit planning, easy access to emergency assets and improved incident response.

Dispatchers use INSIDE to locate incidents with precision and send first responders to the right locations.

In The Field

First responders use INSIDE to locate incidents quickly and for added situational awareness.

In Your Facility

Manage and track assets, leases, key building information and collaborate with the entire team.

computer displaying CCTV in front of INSIDE mapping application

Realtime Feedback Through CCTV Integration

Connect indoor locational data to realtime feedback from security camera footage for more effective response. This game-changing feature provides public safety personnel with the ability to track and assess incidents prior to setting foot inside of a building.

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Image of INSIDE mapping application with widget displaying 360-imagery

Immersive Situational Awareness Through 360-Degree Imagery

Garner spatial awareness and review building assets through 360-degree imagery. Our latest integration provides users with a spherical view of every room in a building, providing added context to our 3D maps.

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Where Does Your Indoor Data Live?

Often we hear about outdated, paper-based building footprints located in one person’s office or as a laminated sheet in a sheriff’s car, providing little utility to incident response teams or facility managers. INSIDE makes up-to-date indoor data available to all authorized personnel, facilitating the flow of information to those who need it when seconds matter most.

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“The DATAMARK indoor mapping solution and services are game-changing for public safety and something I never thought I would see in my career. I am impressed by the boundless innovation and unlimited potential of this tremendous technology.”
Roger Bennett

Deputy Director, Allegany County Department Emergency Services

“As the public safety industry moves toward a digital transformation, the time to prioritize the creation and accessibility of indoor maps is now. With the addition of real-time video viewing capabilities within INSIDE, CCTV provides public safety with tools to quickly identify and respond to emergencies and extend their reach beyond physical presence.”
Matthew Dondanville


Spatially Locate Assets
Spatially Locate Assets

Easily navigate to devices like fire extinguishers and AEDs.

Increase Situational Awareness
Increase Situational Awareness

Public safety personnel use INSIDE to remotely access facilities, allowing them to plan entry points and garner spatial awareness.

Enable Efficient Response
Enable Efficient Response

With INSIDE users can locate incidents with precision, saving time when seconds matter most.